Meet Chef Curtis Toth


Hello Great Taste Readers, I am Curtis Toth, The Executive Sous Chef at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort.

I have spent the last 14 years working through out many kitchens, from The Royal Canadian Mounted Police to an Irish Golf Resort and everything in-between. I was lucky to have the opportunity to transfer down to HB with my wife and daughter just over 18 months ago. Becoming a chef was something that evolved over time. I started by cooking dinner at home when my mom had decided that she needed to start working to earn extra income for our family. I got sick of having convenience food, so I picked up my mother’s Betty Crocker Cook Book (stained and pages falling out) and started with simple recipes like spaghetti and moved onward.

The biggest motivation to continue forward as a Chef is the opportunity I get to work alongside passionate chefs/cooks. I enjoy working in a team atmosphere, not dictatorship. It is great working with cooks who have passion and are inspired by food. I enjoy the menu development process and encourage them to get involved in any way they feel comfortable. I want cooks to understand the menu writing process and how it evolves.

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