Avanti Cafe – Misconceptions


The restaurant business is truly a team sport. When we’re slammin’ busy at Avanti and the entire staff is on its game, it’s a thrilling event. We thrive on it. I think that customers can be separated into two categories, those who have worked in a restaurant before and those who never have.

That really shows when it comes time for Yelp reviews. For example people remark that even with a full house, they were shocked that they had to wait five minutes to be seated. Or, on the thankfully rare occasions when they just slam the food, clearly they don’t know how much time, energy and thought we put into our work.

Preparing food and creating menus is truly an art. The community of fine folks that work in the food industry really do enjoy and appreciate being a part of one of the world’s oldest and most important practical art forms. Here at Avanti, our team is quite remarkable in its interest in preparing and serving food with commitment to flavor and hospitality.

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