Ways & Means Gift Card Credits Program



Dear Fundraiser,

Every day we receive several requests from schools, churches, charities and other organizations for gift cards to be sold or auctioned off. It occurred to us that there should be a democratic way for these worthy groups to earn gift cards all year round. So, we have implemented a gift card credits program.

Each time one of your supporters dines with us and mentions your organization, we will accrue $2 toward a gift card donation. We know that most of our diners support groups and causes anyway, so we believe this will be a fantastic way to show that support simply by doing what they are doing anyway – enjoying our food, drink, and hospitality.

There is no fancy enrollment process, just give us your Organization’s name, address, Tax ID, and authorized contact person, then let your supporters know that they should mention the name of the organization at our host desk when they dine with us and when they make a reservation.

When you are ready to use the gift card, let us know and we will issue the gift card for the next amount that your supporters have earned on your behalf. Then, start earning the next one!

We really hope that this will prove to be a neat benefit for what we know are probably ongoing fundraising efforts. Should you have any questions, please feel free to call Dena personally at 949-307-0698.

Warmest Regards,

Dena Mathe, Parnell Delcham, & Jennifer Delcham

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