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Few things are more vital to our health than what we put into our bodies. Few things are more personal than what we have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, yet most Americans don’t know how any of their food was raised or even where it came from. The reality today is that most of the agriculture has been industrialized, with 99% of chickens in America being raised in CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) and a majority of supermarket steaks coming from cattle raised in crowded feedlots.

To us, this is not the kind of care that should go into what we feed our families. To Meat the Butchers, no family should have to settle for the unknown, especially when there are better options available. We want to help families find those better options.

Premier Meats Beef Strip Steak 2Our mission is to be the sturdy bridge connecting honest family farmers who are raising healthy, sustainable livestock to the everyday family table by offering their meats online and providing unabashed transparency to our customers about where their meats came from.

We source our proteins from family farms and co-operatives in California and the mid-west who practice humane animal husbandry to raise heritage breeds and hold themselves to the highest standards of sustainability because we believe the health of our planet is as important as the health of our animals. Californian and mid-western living conditions also provide the most tender, marbled steaks that proudly wear the label of prime that is just unmatched by proteins from other regions bearing the designation.

Premier Meats Tortilla SoupPremier Meats Tortilla Soups







Not only do we want to ensure the integrity and nutritional value of our proteins, but we strive to offer the highest-quality steaks possible to boot. So, we had our unique packaging engineered to make shipping our steaks to your doorstep completely fresh and never-before frozen a possibility. So by sending our proteins through overnight express delivery, we can ensure that every family receives their product never-frozen and at the peak of freshness. When we receive an order, we have our specially-trained artisan butchers prepare the cuts that night and ship the order out the next morning.

We hope that because of this quick service and by providing the highest quality meats and customer service, to one day be the leading go-to source of proteins online.

My name is Hadar Almog, I’m the director of Marketing at Meat the Butchers, a Premier Meat Company online branch, and I am a daughter and a mother of two. When my father, Harry Greenberg, started Premier Meat Company (originally Wayne Provisions) 50 years ago, he had families like mine and yours at heart. He wanted to provide his partners with not just the highly marbled and tender steaks we all covet, but to ensure that they were also the healthiest steaks that we all deserve.

For the first 50 years, Premier was strictly business-to-business, providing meats to over 2000 top-rated restaurants, chefs, and steakhouses in the Southern California region. These establishments are known for high quality and a hefty dinner check.

Premier Meats Salmon 3When we made the decision to make our meats available to the consumer, we knew we wanted to take a different approach. We worked hard to build a website that was not just appetizing, but easy to use and with prices that would make our meats more readily accessible to families.

Thanks to our long history servicing the restaurant industry, we have the purchasing power to offer a huge array of specialty products and versatile options from our inventory of over 5000 selections and make them available to the consumer, even if not listed on our site, for delivery straight to their home.

Between managing my own schedule, the schedules of my two young children, and working long and hard for the company my father built from the ground up, I know that life can get hectic and certain details slip right under the table a little too often.

Your family’s meals don’t have to be that way. Meat the Butchers is here to provide all-natural, healthy meats that are only a few clicks away. We’ve done the homework and want to give you all the knowledge and resources you need to make conscientious choices about what’s for dinner.


Your friends at Meat the Butchers.

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