Chocolate X Three


Other favorites found at Natural Products Expo West are all chocolate with benefits. edamame crunchAny of these meet chocoholic expectations.

Edamame Crunch Bars

Combiningdry roasted edamame, sea salt and chocolate turns out to be a very good idea. Edamame Crunch Bars hit the sweet spot with rich chocolate goodness balanced by a hint of salt and crispy texture. These blissful creations launched by Seapoint Farmsin collaboration with the PRAIM Group come in dark and milk chocolate.

Balance-BarBalance Bar Dark

These energy bars have an appealing chewy texture and dark chocolate taste, an adult hybrid candy bar/brownie not too sweet. Made from Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa, Balance Bar Dark barsprovide a convenient snack to keep you satisfied between meals with vitamins, protein and fiber. The artful treats come in Dark Chocolate Crunch, Coconut and Peanut Butter.

Lille Belle Farms Chocolates

“Rock-and-roll Chocolatier” Jeff Shepard shared his bean-to-bar line of chocolate bars stellablueat the Western Expo from Lillie Belle Farms Handmade Chocolates. After many years of using other people’s chocolate he decided to make his own chocolate from scratch. “The process is fascinating and the details and control of extracting great flavor from beans is an art form as well as a science,” Shephard says.

One of his new bars, Stella Blue, is a 50% milk chocolate made from Bolivian beans blended with a tangy buttermilk and powdered blue cheese from the famous Oregon based- Rogue Creamery. “My neighbors, the Rogue creamery, introduced a new product, Blue Heaven, which is a powdered blue cheese. As it is technically a dried dairy product I figured I could use it as a powdered milk substitute in a milk chocolate. It came out great,” he says with complete accuracy.

All his bean-to-bar chocolate is in small batches. The line also includes Dark Star – 80% cacao from beans sourced in the Dominican Republic and Peru; Sunshine Daydream – 45% cacao content from Peruvian beans made with buttermilk, and Purple Haze – 75% cacao content bar with chocolate made from Venezuelan beans.

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