Hot Off the Press January February 2015


01-15-coverOur Jan/Feb 2015 issue is finally here!In this issue, we feature quick, creative and healthy dining options popping up on the “fast casual” scene. We also highlight the overturn of the ban of Foie Gras in California and what chefs are saying about the new ruling, we have also included where to order your Foie Gras. The fast-growing seafood item on menus throughout Orange County, octopus, is focused on as well as a recipe from Chef Danny Godinez of Anepalco’s Cafe.

Our cheese and produce picks of the month, as well as milestone anniversaries for Orange County restaurants are also highlighted in this issue.We have unveiled some new talent in the business, as well as the increasing demand for premium chocolatiers.

Sommelier Jorn Kleinhans explains the differences between cheap and high-quality wine and gives expert tips on distinguishing between the two.

Lastly, Owner/Mixologist of Outlaw Bar Consulting, James Wood, offers up his best advice for creating an entertaining environment that customers will want to come back and visit.

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