Coming Soon – Wag to Wig: No Part Left Behind


coming-soonNose to Tail eating – cooking and consuming an animal in its entirety, by products and all is the movement behind this issue of Great Taste Magazine! Stop by Merry’s House of Chicken – West Covina for their deep fried marinated gizzards, Picca – Los Angeles for their beef heart, or Palm Thai – Los Angeles for their beef liver. If feeling more adventurous, prepare a dish of offal at home with Chef Craig Brady’s “An Offal Lot” recipe!

In this issue, Chef David Coleman shares his views on whole animal cooking. Coleman ensures that he receives his meat from a supplier who is conscientious of and dedicated to sustainability. Like Chef Coleman, Jimmy Ulcickas is committed to sustainability in seafood at Bluewater Avalon. Read about his goals to reach Marine Stewardship Counsel Certification.

Chefs, including Alan Greely of The Golden Truffle and Geeta Bansal of Clay Oven in Irvine, discuss how their cultural background influences how they prepare and present their whole animal cuisine – whether this influence stems from tradition or more avant-grade styles.

Try out some notable recipes provided in this issue, including Pork Ragu, Himalayan Rice, and Salmon. For more traditional dining, stop by Locanda Del Lago for a traditional Italian dinner whole animal style. Three Seventy Common Chef Ryan Adams hunts in the wild of Hawaii. He shares with us his experiences of first hand boar hunting – which is beneficial to the island and to Hawaiian cuisine. Don’t forget to wash down that whole animal meal with a glass of wine. Listed are the best wine pairings for the appropriate parts of the animal. Happy eating!

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