Time Restraint and Healthy Choices for Eating


food-pyramid-for-web.jpgSchool is now in session! With children, teenagers, and young adults all sounding to the sound of the bell, both students and parents are running rampant, squeezing in more then the day’s hours allow. What suffers greatly? Our bodies, of course. To help pamper our health in ways that fit our wildly active life styles, Great Taste looked to helpful information to know and ways to help…

Released within the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans by the federal government, a healthy diet is listed in detail. Of course, the guidelines call for eating more fruits and vegetables (two and a half cups of veggies and two cups of fruit for people on a 2,000-calorie-a-day-diet)to help fuel the system while maintaining a healthy balance. More suggestions called to the table are entree salads, vegetarian entrees, fruit and vegetable side dishes that you can create at home as well as order when dining out.

However, don’t we know this already?! Eating “healthy” isn’t always the most desirable, however, there are ways to compromise…When having a delicious cheese and pepperoni pizza delivered, get a salad delivered too. Pizza Hut, for instance, has a list of pre-packaged salads for delivery or carryout. How does your menu measure up? Is you list of healthy alternatives plentiful?

One problem to our daily intake is that a lot of Americans consume more calories then they expend and due to this, the new guidelines emphasize calorie control more than ever before! To help out with portion distortion, many restaurants now give you the option of ordering smaller entree sizes such as half sizes or favorite sides. For example, Ruth’s Chris Steak House has a new menu that offers lighter fare and petite versions of their most signature dishes. YUM! Fast food chains have also jumped on the boat, offering a “Fresco Style” from Taco Bell with the idea of providing an alternative, more health-conscious diners looking to cut down fat and calories.

Our advice? Join the wave of diners who ask for alternative prep methods, off-the-menu items and or substitutions and join the wave of restaurants that have more healthy choices available and make eating more healthily more desirable. The National Restaurant Association says 75 percent of customers customize their meals and most restaurants welcome and encourage the requests.

Another fun fact stated within the guidelines is that eating fish rich in heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids twice a week may reduce the risk of heart disease (Women who are pregnant or nursing and children are advised to avoid eating fish with high mercury content). The best form of preparation calls for fish to be prepared grilled, broiled or baked instead of fried or sauteed. The same advice applies for lean meat and poultry. This, along with many others, is just another way to help choose YOUR health as you face each new day.

*Try to couple your meals with a glass of low-fat or fat-free milk. Consuming three cups of calcium-rich milk or milk products, like yogurt each day, is another key recommendation

Thrive, don’t deprive! FoodFit.com is committed. See for yourself.

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