The Five Best Fancy Burgers


In the eternal Apple Pan/Pie ‘n’ Burger/Fatburger debate, it’s important to be familiar with all the contenders.

Pug Burger at The Hungry Cat
We already know about the seafood. Let’s talk beef. It comes from Niman Ranch and is served on a rustic roll with fries and unbeatable toppings. The tangy blue cheese, creamy avocado, and salty bacon melt together for a perfect taste/texture experience ($18). You can even add a fried egg. Yes, please.

SoCal Burger at Umami Burger
According to our favorite secondary source, Wikipedia, umami is also known as savoriness and is one of the basic tastes sensed by the taste buds. Our top pick among the awesome burgers here comes with butter lettuce, oven-dried tomato, a mysteriously delicious spread, American cheese, caramelized onions, and a big dose of umamilicious ($9). There are three locations around town and one in Santa Monica, so giddyap.

Le Burger Bouchon at Bouchon Bistro
If you need to beef up during lunchtime, skip the gym and head to Beverly Hills. With the newly revamped lunch menu comes its perfectly executed basic burger: a blend of prime sirloin, brisket, and chuck served on the ever-popular brioche bun with butter pickles, Bibb lettuce, a slice of juicy heirloom tomato, and house fries ($21).

The Natural at The Burger Kitchen
The only place in California to carry Pat LaFrieda prime blend straight from NYC (a 40-day, dry-aged, black Angus cut for you pedigree snobs). Pricey at $26, but worth it for its simple but elegant assembly of brioche bun, Camembert or organic white cheddar, romaine, tomatoes, caramelized onions, and a side of fries.

The Comme i’¡a Burger at Comme i’¡a
How does chef David Myers make his burger so good? Ground chuck, salt, pepper, a little mayo, some ketchup, pinches of cayenne and chili powders – that’s how. Seared in a pan, finished in the broiler, and loaded with lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, and a secret sauce we can’t reveal (but has characteristics of Thousand Island dressing), it’s dripping with juicy goodness on a brioche bun ($17).

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Posted 9/29/10.

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