Summertime Livin’ is BBQ


BBQ WINEEveryone loves the aroma of steak smoking on the grill. It’s even better when the grill is in your own backyard and the scent is followed by the actual taste of succulent pork, chicken or other prized meats. Vegetables grilled on the BBQ are equally tempting. Experimentation with marinades, seasonings and cuts of meat will bring success and bliss with practice.

Safety is key when barbecuing so when taking food off the grill, use a clean platter. In order to avoid consuming raw meat juices, use leftover marinade only during cooking and not as a finishing sauce. Wash everything that was used to hold raw meat before reusing those plates or containers.

Keep the grill grates clean with a stiff wire brush or crumpled piece of aluminum foil. Grill Wipes are aGrate Chef Grill Wipes perfect follow up to this and can be used even when the grill is already hot. Attach a wipe to the bristles of grill brushes to oil the grate to prevent food from sticking and also removed burnt debris from the grate. Flare ups from fat or juice dripping often occur. Move meat to a spot not directly above the coals and spray this cool food safe spray, Flare Down. Some quick squirts stop grease fires and prevent food from burning.

Flare DownUse a spatula or tongs, rather than a fork, to move and flip the meat as a fork will pierce the meat and release precious juices. Brush sauces on meat during the last 10 minutes of grilling to avoid overcooking the sauce and stop the meat from blackening too much. The safest and most accurate way to check for doneness is a thermometer.

Some easy ways to change up your BBQ sauce are stirring in some honey, brown sugar, paprika, lemon juice, chopped onion or chili peppers. Or add bourbon, rum, beer or wine to taste. Try out marinades, rubs and different seasonings for your next outdoor meal. Some suggested ingredients: sugar, brown sugar, cumin, cayenne pepper, dry mustard, black pepper, garlic powder, oregano or onion powder. Your preferences will guide you.

Brush large vegetables with butter to place directly on the grill and wrap small vegetables in foil packets to cook. Kebabs are a great way to put everything together on one skewer. Brush butter and brown sugar on fruit sliced in half and grill to serve with meat, meat or for an easy dessert with or without ice cream.

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