STRIKE’s 70th Extravaganza!


staff-pinny-lowres_web.jpgThursday, October 23rd, STRIKE celebrated its’ Nationwide 70th Birthday Fiesta! Guests enjoyed hours of delightful cocktails, cuisine, and of course, bowling. Located in famous NY, Bowlmor Lanes has been making it’s mark since 1938; hosting countless professional bowling competitions, world leaders, celebrities, and rock stars. In 1997, Tom Shannon, took Bowlmor Lanes in to a new direction–creating a new style, new look, new feel, and new form of entertainment to the sport of bowling, crossing together fun with flare.atmosphere_01-lowres_web.jpg

As Great Taste Magazine celebrated we took note of the generosity of Strike. We asked fun questions to give you a small taste of the large STRIKE empire…*How many staff members worked the event? 55 STRIKE OC staff members were at our guests beck and call. * How many guests attended? 450, most of which continued to bowl well into the evening. * How many gallons of cocktails, etc, were served? 1500 cocktails were served* How many pounds of Chicken? 80 pounds * How many pounds of Lamb Chops? 55 pounds

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