Seventh Tea Bar by Portola Coffee Lab Expands Tea + Culinary Offerings


Costa Mesa, CA (February 2013)– OC’s premiere craft tea house,Seventh_IcedTeasTapGTSeventh Tea Bar,has expanded its tea services and culinary menu with unique interpretations of traditional tea offerings. Named in honor of the traditional Chinese belief that tea is theseventhof the seven necessities, Seventh Tea Bar is located next to its sister establishment, craft coffee leaderPortola Coffee Lab,at the OC Mart Mix in Costa Mesa.

With more than 30 unblended single-estate teas brewed with various methods,Seventh Tea Bardelivers an experience as rich as its coffee concept counterparts, Portola Coffee Lab and Theorem slow bar. Owners Jeff and Christa Duggan focus on a unique and thoughtful selection of unblended teas spanning the globe, but offerings also include fruit and herb-infused custom creations and iced teas on tap (see above photo). Guests may Seventh_GongfuGTalso opt for the Gongfu Tea (see photo).

Seventh offers various traditional tea services for individuals or groups, complete with tea sandwiches, scones and pastries available throughout the day to fulfill the most commonly followed tea times from around the world. Created by local Chef Katherine Louis, Seventh’s menu includes a thoughtful selection of Tea Sandwiches ($6-$8) made with quality ingredients on artisan breads created by OC Baking Company.

Tea SandwichesSeventh_TeaSandwichGT

The Salty Sweet:Fresh Ricotta, Apricot Jam,PistachioPesto, Wild FlowerHoney and Cracked Black Pepper (see photo)
Citrus Cured Salmon Roll:House CuredWildSalmon,Dill Cream Cheese, Shallot-Caper Relish,ShavedCucumber, Arugula andSliced Heirlooms
Tarragon Chicken Salad:DicedChicken, GreekYogurt-Tarragon Vinaigrette,ShavedGreen Apple andScallions
The Mediterranean:Feta Cheese, Artichoke and Sundried Tomato Spread,Arugulaand Roasted Bell Peppers
The Macho Man:Thick Cut ItalianSalami,Aged White Cheddar, Sliced Red Onion, Pepperonciniand Whole Grain Mustard

Spreads on Breads

Served with an assortment of breads (2 spreads/order)
Za’atarSpiced Goat Cheese Dip
Orange-Rosemary Marmalade
Olive Tapenade
Strawberry-Black Pepper Jam

Compound Butters
Served with an assortment of breads (2 spreads/order)
Cocoa-Vanilla Bean
SimplyPlainwith a hint of Sea Salt

Kid Friendly
PeanutButterand Honeyon White
Salami and Cheeseon White

Selection of croissants, tarts, macarons, truffles, and scones offered daily

The space features multiple seating options from table seating to an oversized chair (see photo). In the coming months, a patio will be open for larger groups and special events.

“The popularity of tea is undisputable. After water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world and we present the best quality and most interesting unblended single-estate tea selections with various brew methods,” explainedJeff Duggan, who, along with his wife, Christa, opened a barista-driven craft coffee bar, Theorem, late last year. “We’ve spent much time focusing on delivering a unique craft tea experience, and we’re looking forward to add more from the vast world of tea, which is full of interesting twists and nuances.”

photo credit: Anne Watson Photography

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