Premier Meat Company launches On Line Ordering for Retail Customers


The recent farm-to-table movement has sparked some major changes in the food and restaurant industry. Consumers now want better quality, fresher ingredients and healthier choices in their dining options. Buying “local”, meaning from a nearby farm, is starting to become more popular because these farmers do not need to transport their produce and meats.

Many farmers that ship their food all across the country have to pick produce before it has the proper time to ripen on the vine, in order to keep it from spoiling during the transportation process. This means that it does not have the time to absorb all the nutrients it can from its surroundings, which means those who consume the fruit or vegetable are not getting those nutrients either.


Restaurant quality meats are often very hard to come by from the butcher at the local grocery store, and there are typically some problems with shipping meat out to consumers’ homes. To meet the ever-growing demand of farm-to-table meats, Premier Meat Company has discovered the right way to get fresh, restaurant quality meat sent straight to your home.

After eight long months of research, Premier Meat Company came up with a state-of-the-art packaging solution. This environmentally conscious packing solution allows the fresh, never frozen, meat to stay in below 40 degree Fahrenheit temperatures throughout its time of travel, a total of 36 hours.

Consumers are loving the new convenience of ordering high quality meats through Premier Meat Company’s website.Premier-Door-Box

“I placed my order on March 11, and the very next day I received a notification that my meat was to be delivered by March 13. That day, at 11:30am I got the package and was a little worried because the box felt warm on the outside. To my surprise, I opened the box and everything was still really cold and fine. I cooked the bone-in pork chops and they were absolutely delicious. Definitely restaurant quality.”

Now, you don’t have to sacrifice restaurant quality beef, chicken, lamb, pork or seafood for a night at home.

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