Our very own olive oil tasting


Here at Great Taste, we decided to have a sampling and flavor comparison of four different olive oils.

From left to right, the oils are:

  • Amoretti premium organic extra virgin with kalamata olives
  • Kiklos Greek extra virgin
  • PrimOli Toscano extra virgin
  • Arianna Trading Co. organic raw & unfiltered extra virgin

The Amoretti was very pungent and individual because of the use of kalamata olives, which pairs well in a greek salad with some feta cheese, salami, and red onion. The Kiklos taste began with a nice fresh note but was a little harsh on the finish. We considered it to be in the robust category. PrimOli had a soft taste at the beginning, and ended with a slight bitterness, but was an agreeable, neutral oil. The Arianna was seen as the most fresh, with hints of fruit and would mix nicely in a variety of dishes.

If you try any of these olives oils for yourself, tag us at ‘Great Taste Magazine’ and let us know what your opinion is!


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