Lucille’s Dished Out Early Leftovers


Thanksgiving leftovers-some would say that they are almost, if not better than, the real deal. The list of creations that stem from Turkey Day leftovers is infinite. There are the classics like turkey sandwiches and the avant garde like sweet potato stuffed biscuits. Whether you like to keep it simple or branch off into the realms of experimentation, many of us have favorite ways of (re)indulging in the bounty that Thanksgiving brings.

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For all of the leftover lovers out there, Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ didn’t think you should have to wait until the 29th. This year Lucille’s Lucille Sandwich thanks givingintroduced the Fall Classics-a delicious way to enjoy Thanksgiving leftovers throughout the season. The 18-unit restaurant group serves up a Southern themed feast in the restaurants (or to take home) every year on Thanksgiving Day but the specials are new this year.

General Manager Javier Torres says that the idea for the menu came from Executive Chef Chris Ferrell. “The idea was to have some seasonal items to celebrate our favorite time of the year. Items that are tasty, reasonably priced and evoke the holiday spirit.” In search of dishes that utilize smoked meats, the chef saw turkey and bacon as favorites. “Growing up he [Ferrell] ate a lot of leftover turkey, so he was always looking for alternatives to the standard turkey salad, turkey noodle soup and turkey sandwiches that were on the table the week after Thanksgiving. Over the years, he developed a few recipes to change it up, including the hash and the casserole we now serve. Since his family has thoroughly enjoyed them over the years, he wanted to add them to the Lucille’s holiday line-up and it seems as if Lucille’s guests love them as much as his family does.”

The Fall Classics specials include:

A Smoked Turkey Half-Sandwich includes hickory smoked turkey breast, southern stuffing, cranberry sauce, baby lettuce, and mayonnaise on a French roll, and is served with a choice of tossed salad, Caesar salad or mixed baby greens. The classic turkey and cranberry sauce is a match made in heaven. The house made cranberry sauce is chunky and tart-sweet.

The Hot Turkey Sandwich may be the most familiar leftover. Lucille’s features fresh smoked turkey breast, southern stuffing, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, sliced white bread, turkey gravy and cranberry sauce. General Manager Javier Torres says this is the best selling item for both lunch and dinner.

casseroleLucille’s Smoked Turkey Casserole mixes smoked turkey breast with sauteed button and portabello mushrooms, sweet corn, carrots, turkey gravy and is topped with Southern stuffing and cranberry sauce. Served with a choice of tossed salad, Caesar salad or mixed baby greens.

Smoked Turkey and Bacon Hash is a savory mix of smoked turkey breast, mushrooms, carrots, sweet corn, white rice, Parmesan cheese, scallions, applewood smoked bacon, blue cheese crumbles, cherry tomatoes, and scallions. Rich and satisfying, the smoky overtones of bacon make this hash a keeper.

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