LUCCA and Provenance: The Mediterranean Meets Napa Valley


Imagine opening your first Sunday breakfast to a crowd of 300 customers, a vendetta with your Luccadishwashers and a patron that decide to air out her dirty laundry in the middle of your dining room. Cathy Pavlos did just that in 2005 when she opened LUCCA, a specialty shop, market, deli and Mediterranean themed restaurant.

“When we opened LUCCA, I had no idea of the tremendous amount of time, energy and funding that would be required to open a restaurant and sustain it for the first year,” says Pavlos. Now that she is on the eve of opening her new concept, Provenance, in the fall of this year, Pavlos approaches the grand opening with patience and poise. “We don’t want to cut any corners,” she says.

The introduction of Provenance will mark LUCCA’s eighth anniversary, providing Pavlos with an experienced history that will carry Provenance into a successful future. Along with having experience of both the ups and downs of the industry as Pavlos does, it is important to ensure that your first venture has established systems that will enable you to focus the majority of your well needed energy on your new endeavor.

Because Provenance is slated to open in her own community, Pavlos was able to immerse herself elbow deep in first-hand research of the area. This enabled her to tailor the framework of Provenance to the desires and tastes of the location. In her words, the result will be a “Napa-esque” dining experience.

When asked what risks Pavlos was willing to take when opening LUCCA, she offered up her sanity. In that case, she’s in the right business. All true devotees of the epicurean experience know that the best relief from the most trying days is good food, good drinks and good company. Provenance promises to supply all three.

LUCCA is part of our series highlighting restaurant groups and chains founded and flourishing in Orange County that were featured in our May June 2013 print issue of Great Taste Magazine. Click here for the entire article.

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