College Student Converts Ugly Fruit Into 60-Second Fruit Smoothie


The 2050 Company launched an instant smoothie made from upcycled produce turning “ugly fruit” into a delicious, sustainable, nutrient rich product.

Using innovative drying technology, The 2050 Co. transforms fresh fruit into an instant dry powder while retaining all nutrients and taste. With a singular focus on sustainability and food waste reduction, The 2050 Smoothie uses imperfect and surplus produce to provide a more convenient and long-lasting alternative to the conventional fruit smoothie.

Project Drawdown, an international coalition of researchers, businesspeople, and climate change experts, identifies reducing food waste as the #1 best way to prevent global warming of 2 ºC by 2050. Nearly 50% of American produce is wasted due to surplus production, imperfect appearance, or short shelf-life.

“The 2050 Smoothie specifically targets food waste,” says founder, Austin Hirsh, “We seek out surplus and imperfect produce to create demand at its source. We dry it to extend shelf life from days to years. And we grind it to a powder to eliminate all cosmetic imperfections.”

Hirsh began developing The 2050 Company while pursuing an MS in Entrepreneurship at the University of Washington. Recognizing an opportunity to share his passion with his peers, Hirsh competed as a finalist in 7 business plan competitions, taking home $25,000 in prize money. This July, The 2050 Company was accepted into the Jones and Foster Accelerator program, where Hirsh and his team will continue developing the business after its launch.

“These competitions have made it possible to bootstrap the business and stay focused on the mission: harnessing innovation to make our food supply more sustainable.”

The 2050 Smoothie Launch on Kickstarter:

The 2050 Company launched its first product on Kickstarter, August 20 and has already reached 150 percent of their goal of $20,000. Consumers are still able to gain premium access to 2050’s instant smoothie line. The 2050 Smoothie will be available in 3 Northwest-inspired flavors: Rainier Berry, Seattle Summer, and Evergreen.

The 2050 Company has also collaborated with 9 other start-ups and small businesses to offer exclusive rewards to their backers.

“Our mission has always been community-focused,” says Hirsh. “One business cannot completely transform the food industry. It has to be a communal effort.”

One start-up collaborator included in the launch is Neptune Fish Jerky. “In the best of circumstances, starting a food business is a brave and scary undertaking. During a global pandemic, these mission-driven projects need all the support they can get!” said Neptune Co-founder and CEO, Nick Mendoza.

The 2050 Smoothie will launch on Kickstarter on August 20th at 8:00 AM PST. Early bird backers will receive their first 10 smoothies as soon as the Kickstarter ends in September.

About The 2050 Company:

cThe 2050 Company is a Seattle-based start-up using innovative drying technology to reduce food waste and create food for the future. Their first product, The 2050 Smoothie, is an instant smoothie powder made from upcycled fruits and vegetables. ​


Kickstarter Page:

About the Collaborators:

Joe Chocolate Co: Joe Chocolate Co. makes naturally caffeinated snacks by combining their two favorite ingredients, coffee and chocolate. (Seattle-based)

Finding Eco: Finding Eco is an e-commerce company that empowers and inspires individuals to develop waste-free habits. (Seattle-based)

EcoCart: EcoCart is an e-commerce software start-up helping to make every order The 2050 Co. ships through Kickstarter 100% carbon-neutral.

Neptune Fish Jerky: Neptune works to restore humankind’s healthy relationship with the sea through award-winning products that are innovative, traceable, and delicious! (Seattle-operated)

Perfect Coffee Water: Perfect Coffee Water offers a way to optimize water for coffee brewing, allowing homebrewers to make better, not bitter, coffee. (Seattle-based)

Planetary Design: Planetary Design creates innovative storage products to keep food and coffee fresher for longer.

Flatstick Pub: Flatstick Pub provides a combination of all-local craft beers and fun golf-inspired games at its 6 Washington locations (Seattle-based)

SoulMuch Foods: SOULMUCH is a San Diego venture that rescues restaurant food waste and upcycles it into healthy snacks.

Lighthouse Roasters: Lighthouse Roasters is a small-batch craft coffee roaster that has produced fine coffees for the Seattle area since 1993. (Seattle-based)

The 2050 Company is collaborating with 9 other start-ups and small businesses to provide exclusive rewards to their Kickstarter backers.

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