Cha Cha’s Latin Kitchen and Bruno’s Trattoria: From Italy to Mexico in Seconds


When it comes to Brunos Trattoria and Cha Cha’s Latin Kitchen, opposites attract. Both brunosrestaurants were established by the same owners and grace the same street in downtown Brea. On an empty stomach, you can stop by 110 West Birch Street to enjoy shrimp ceviche at Cha Cha’s then make your way down to 210 West Birch Street for homemade gnocchi and fresh tomato sauce.

Owner/partner Don Myers says one of the challenges of having two different style restaurants is, “The inability to borrow food and beverage from each other.” This challenge pales in comparison to the benefits of having two establishments on the same street. “There are great opportunities for marketing, staffing and purchasing,” says Myers. Not to mention the fact that guests who have enjoyed their experience at Cha Cha’s view Brunos with an equal level of esteem.

The concept for Brunos came from Myers’ partner, Peter Serantoni who spent time in Venice, Italy. When the space for Brunos presented itself, it was the perfect opportunity to create a place for the people of Brea to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine. To accomplish this, it was important to Myers and Serantoni that the space was rid of all traces of the former restaurant. The result is a “sexy, yet inviting, local neighborhood Italian trattoria.”

While Cha Cha’s and Brunos retain unique identities, it is important that cohesion and organization remain between the partners and their team. “We have a conference call every Tuesday morning that lasts almost four hours to ensure that we are all on the same page,” says Myers, “We market harder than I have ever had to in over forty years in this business.”

Myers and Serantoni are looking for opportunities to expand both Cha Cha’s and Brunos in south and central Orange County as well as on the coast. With specials nearly every day of the week and guests that consider the restaurants their own dining rooms, they look forward to entertaining the same, if not greater, success than that of the Birch Street locations.

Cha Cha’s and Bruno’s are part of our series highlighting restaurant groups and chains founded and flourishing in Orange County that were featured in our May June 2013 print issue of Great Taste Magazine. Click here for the entire article.

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