Ask A Wino – Wine Language


C4 Deli Resident Bartender, Wine Purchaser and Texas native James Wall is the person you want on your best buddy list. Look out for his ‘red and white’ insight every Wednesday on ourWino Wednesday: Ask A Wino Q&A.

Q: What are some good wine words/lingo?

A:Good question my curious wine newbie. I am going to embrace your question this week and answer it fairly james hallbriefly, with some simple words and definitions to begin you on your journey to sounding like a wine snob.

Oaky: When a wine is described as oaky, it means that it has a flavor similar to that of wood, “oak”. This flavor is often the result of wines that are fermented and/or stored in oak barrels.

Buttery: As the description the word alludes to, when a wine is described as “buttery” it means that it has a taste and/or smell similar to butter or butterscotch. This most often occurs in wines that have been exposed to yeast during the barrel fermentation.

Body: The viscosity of the wine (in other words, the thickness)

Crisp: High in fruit acidity

Fat: Full bodied

Flabby: not enough acid

Finish: The wine’s aftertaste

Fruity: Enough said really, it tastes like fruit.

And there you have it, you can now sound like you know much more about wine than those around you simply by saying words that mean pretty much exactly what they sound like! You are welcome!

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