Ask A Wino – Red or White?


C4 Deli Resident Bartender, Wine Purchaser and Texas native James Hall is the person you want on your best buddy list. Look out for his ‘red and white’ insight every Wednesday on ourWino Wednesday: Ask A Wino Q&A.

Q: White wine or red wine, which is better for your health?

A: There is a commonly held belief that red wine is healthier than white wine. This has in fact not been proven to be james hall100 percent accurate information.

Red wine is thought to be the healthier of the two because of its high content of antioxidants, which help to improve cardiovascular health and increases the levels of good (HDL) cholesterol in the body. Antioxidants also have the power to create a stronger immune system, a definite plus. In addition, studies have shown that the ethanol found in alcohol appears to have beneficial heart effects that are intensified when more antioxidants are present in the mix.

You may have already known about all this antioxidant business, but I bet you didn’t know that white wine has also been found to contain just as equally high levels as red. Regardless, it is very difficult to debate which variety is healthier overall. There is simply not enough research done, along with the difficulty of taking into consideration the initial health differences of wine drinkers/study participants.

The best advice I can give you; drink your favorite type of wine whether it is of the red or white variety, and as you do so allow yourself to believe it is extremely healthy. After all, positive thinking breeds positive outcomes right? Right.

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