Ask A Wino – Prosecco


C4 Deli Resident Bartender, Wine Purchaser and Texas native James Wall is the person you want on your best buddy list. Look out for his ‘red and white’ insight every Wednesday on ourWino Wednesday: Ask A Wino Q&A.

Q: Why does Prosecco have the reputation of giving headaches?

A: This one is going to be brief. There are many misconceptions about Prosecco. In short, it does not go to your headjames hall faster because it is bubbly, it does not give you gas and it is not the same as Champagne. As far as the headache-inducing rumor goes, that one can (at times) be most certainly true.

Whether the headache is brought on simply from drinking too much of it, (because it is so delicious) or if there are certain compounds in it that may lead to headaches- has not been studied enough to know for certain. To avoid adding a Prosecco headache to your hangover here are a few common sense tips to go by

-The less sugar content, the better.

-Drink in moderation! (unless you are in an uncomfortable situation. Just kidding, maybe).

-Drink plenty of water.

-Snack while you consume (healthy snacks will help).

-Drink out of a flute (automatic portion control).

As you can infer, the reasoning behind Prosecco induced headaches are basically the same as with any other alcohol. Do not expect to drink an entire bottle and feel 100 percent the next day. That is unless you have a superpower and/or have recently turned 21.

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