First Bite – 4th and Olive – Long Beach


Have you tried 4th and Olive yet? It’s a definite must! This Alsatian style restaurant was a pleasant surprise.   The interior was simple yet rustic, which utilized the exposed brick building in the best possible way.  We sat down at a simple table clothed in white. We arrived 4th Olive Bacon Leek 33mid-shift, so we decided to order pretzels and pommes frites until it was time for dinner. The pretzels came with a spicy mustard sauce that was incredible, and a mustard seed sauce that was pleasing to the palate. The outside of the pretzel was crunchy but not hard, the inside was nice and doughy. The heaping pile of pommes frites arrived with their homemade dipping sauces, and we had no problem polishing them off. Finally, it was time for dinner, oh yeah, the best part. We decided on the bacon and leek tart; the perfect melding of flavors, not overpowering, a perfect balance. Another great part about 4th and Olive, is the pricing, it was super reasonable.

Owner Dan Tapia, stopped by the table for a chat, we talked about how he is hiring vets and how he would like to see more women chefs in this competitive industry which he says is male dominated, and laughed at the female in the kitchen stereo type. Oh, and Dan is currently looking for women chefs if anyone is interested.  Over all it was a great evening out with a great friend, and great tasting food.

I’m already thinking of my next trip to 4th and Olive to try out the sausages, and have some more of those doughy pretzels.


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