Yalla Mediterranean – Seal Beach – February 2019 – 3 Year – Anniversary


Yalla Mediterranean celebrates their 2 Year Anniversary this February. Cheers to you and your staff on a successful first 2 years and many more to come!

Yalla Mediterranean

12420 Seal Beach Blvd
Seal Beach, CA
About Yalla Mediterranean
They dish up fresh, vibrant fare inspired by the flavors and cultures they love. Yalla prepares their food from scratch each morning–– chopping, dicing, spicing and zesting –– with local produce brought in at dawn. Then they fling open our doors and fire up their grill, sizzling to order responsibly raised meats and wild-caught fish. Toss in craft brews, wine on tap and compostable everything, and you’ll discover the spirit of Yalla. Food and hospitality, from them to you.
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