The Waffle Affair – Newport Beach – December 2018 – 4 yrs – Anniversary

thewaffleaffairJoin The Waffle Affair for atasting affair to rememberonTuesday,December 9, 2014when Orange County’s new gourmet-go-to,The Waffle Affair, officially opens doors at the Bayside Center, located adjacent to Balboa Island. We invite you to join for a hosted experience from5-7 p.m. where you will tobe the first to tastetheir modern take on authentic Liege and Belgium style waffles. Indulge in sweet and savory artisan selections such as Red Velvet and Toasted Coconut as The Waffle Affair celebrates their debut!
In partnership with the non-profit organizationBreast Cancer Angels, The Waffle Affair team isdelighted to give back to a cause near and dear to their hearts. They would be honored if you would join them in making a small charitable donation at the door to help provide financial and emotional assistance for Orange County women battling breast cancer.
RSVP to[email protected]h2publicrelations.comby December 8th to attend. Invitation & more information about The Waffle Affair below.
The Waffle Affair | 1064 Bayside Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660

About The Waffle Affair: Southern California culinary enthusiasts will soon rendezvous at a new gourmet go-to whenThe Waffle Affairdebuts in Newport Beach. Nestled in the Bayside Center complex conveniently en route to the bustling Balboa Island, The Waffle Affair will enhance the thriving local foodie community with a full-service, gourmet coffee bar and the introduction of handcrafted waffles with superior flavor and texture. Drawing inspiration from the authentic Belgian and Liege style waffles, each artisan waffle is infused with bold flavor and baked fresh-to-order with signature ingredients incorporated into the batter-no toppings required.

Elevating the waffle from breakfast snack to an epicurean specialty with its clean and elegant presentation, The Waffle Affair eschews the “waffle sandwich” and the idea of simply using the waffle as a foundation to support toppings. Here, the flawless golden baked good will take center stage, highlighting its true distinction-the batter, which has been perfected after years of trial and error by The Waffle Affair’s co-foundersLaury Zetrenne, Julie Tsang, Cindy Dickey and Lisa Favor. A group of friends and like-minded business women, the partners spent close to two years working to develop the ultimate recipe for their waffles by experimenting with different baking variables and unique flavor combinations, as well as changing ingredient ratios and fluctuating temperatures. The result is a distinct texture that is perfectly crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside.

The Waffle Affair will offer over 21 types of sweet and savory waffles including traditional waffles and daily specialty waffles such as Liege, Madagascar Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Decadence. In addition to the offerings available daily, a menu of rotating specialty waffles such as Lemon Burst and Toasted Coconut will also be available as well as seasonal waffles such as Pumpkin Spice and Gingerbread. The menu will also showcase a selection of entree size savory waffles with top-notch ingredients mixed into the batter such as Prosciutto di Parma & Gruyere, Roasted Turkey & Havarti Cheese and more.

Complementing the plentiful waffle menu will be a full-service gourmet coffee bar byilly,the celebratedItalian coffee roasting company.Made with 100% Arabica Beans, options will include specialty espressos, dark roast coffee, handcrafted hot and blended lattes, along with a selection ofDammannFrères imported teas.

About Breast Cancer Angels: Breast Cancer Angels help to address the ancillary needs of those who are currently in treatment for breast cancer and help to provide people with food, supplies, gas, other day-to-day items, pro-bono legal services, and much more. Breast Cancer Angels assist in Orange County, Long Beach/South Bay, and San Diego. Breast Cancer Angels is an independent, not for profit 501[c]3 organization.
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