Urban Seoul – Irvine – September 2019 – 5 yrs – Anniversary



Urban Seoul
Irvine Spectrum Center

Following its successful debut nearly two years ago, Orange County Restaurant Urban Seoul has stepped up its presence in the OC with its new location at
Irvine Spectrum Center.
The brainchild of local restaurateurs Bronnie Lee and Chef Kacy Jun, Urban Seoul’s borderless kitchen draws inspiration from the cultures and communities it serves. Born of Southern California’s culinary melting pot, some of Urban Seoul’s most popular dishes blend together both the traditional flavors of Korea and Mexico, while incorporating modern Southern California twists to the cuisines and paying homage to the street food scene.

Must-try dishes include the chorizo fried rice; quesadilla, made with a spicy kimchi pancake and stuffed with grilled chicken, melted cheese and a kimchi sour cream dipping sauce; and the Korean pork belly tacos, topped with scallions and picked onions served in a fresh tortilla.

Urban Seoul will be located between Barnes & Noble and Macy’s.

For more information, visit www.urban-seoul.com.

About Urban Seoul
Urban Seoul is a restaurant that celebrates passion for food and its remarkable ability to adapt.
Behind every Urban Seoul dish is a story the story of US. It’s about neighbors, friends and family sharing not just a meal, but an experience. Great food has the ability to bring people together from all walks of life and, like so many cuisines; Korean food has a magical way of uniting people to create a sense of community and adventure.

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