Bianconi – Los Angeles – October 2019 – 3 Year – Anniversary

Bianconi, an upscale Italian restaurant on 3rd Street is Opening fall 2016.


Los Angeles restaurant Bianconi just opened in October 2016.

Spacecraft Design Group, high profile hospitality design and construction firm based in Los Angeles founded by Kris Keith, announces project update. An upscale Italian restaurant on 3rd Street

BIANCONI is coming to West 3rd St. The restaurant is inspired from Fabrizio and Diana Bianconi’s internationally acclaimed accomplishments. At their highly celebrated restaurant, VIA VENETO, they have elevated Italian cuisine in Los Angeles to a profound experience. Their newest venture, BIANCONI will represent new dimensions and textures to capture the essence of our energetic city and showcase their continued respect for great Italian cuisine. To translate their international successes to BIANCONI, Fabrizio and Diana brought in the Spacecraft Group to help realize their vision for their flagship BIANCONI location.

BIANCONI will be occupying the former Ortolan restaurant, a Spacecraft Design Group project, making the design team the perfect fit to re-imagine what the space can become, challenging them to re-vamp the 4360SF venue, maintaining the key architectural features that made the original space so popular, and creating a completely different vibe. This time, warmer colors will dominate with a pop of copper, blue and green, utilizing materials such as steel, reclaimed wood, burnished leather, velvet and copper.

The overall style will be an Italian-European vintage-industrial look, keeping the existent brick arches, and creating an indoor-outdoor feel. The restaurant will feature a large centralized bar, and two fireplaces that will provide warmth to the feel of the space. The bar will be clad in copper panels, and have beautiful quartz counters along with a private dining room and a surrounding library. The venue will also feature a dramatic central fireplace, handcrafted wood-burning grill, and facade doors that open for alfresco dining.

BIANCONI will seat 140 people, emphasizing traditional Italian cuisine with Mediterranean influences and focus on wood-fired cooking.

Bianconi is located at: 8338 W 3rd St, in Los Angeles. For more information, visit

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