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Sushi RokuOPENED 11/16/15


Los Angeles-based Innovative Dining Group (IDG) announces the fall 2015 opening of its new flagship Japanese restaurant, ROKU.

The next in a long line of IDG restaurants, ROKU will feature select menu favorites from the iconic Sushi Roku brand, alongside inventive and cutting edge Japanese dishes from the entire IDG culinary team. Corporate Executive Chef Tyson Wong’s expertise in French, Chinese, and Indonesian technique combined with the talents of IDG’s Japanese executive chefs Hiroshi Shima and Jiro Kobayashi will allow for the creativity that Innovative Dining Group is known for. Additionally, playing upon its strength in reimagining traditional concepts, IDG will reinvent the teppanyaki experience at ROKU, with talented chefs artfully preparing high-quality ingredients at interactive, communal teppanyaki grill tables. ROKU will also serve as an innovation hub, or “test kitchen” for the IDG culinary team to experiment and create inventive new dishes for IDG’s Japanese restaurants in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, NV, and Scottsdale, AZ.

“ROKU poses a fresh challenge: to take teppanyaki, a concept with a distinct perception, and present it in a new way. For us it is important to showcase our vision of Teppan style dining with a polished display of culinary mastery, knife work, and exceptional ingredients like A5-grade Japanese Wagyu, Matsuzaka beef, and Santa Barbara spot prawns.” says IDG partner Lee Maen. “Similar to the launch of Katana where we showcase Robatayaki cuisine, this location is a prime spot to merge the best of Sushi Roku with a brand new vision of Teppanyaki never experienced before in this country.”

The space will be completely redesigned in anticipation of ROKU’s opening and will include a large outdoor bar and lounge. The indoor dining room will include a sushi bar and teppanyaki tables for both small groups and communal dining. Additional design and culinary details will be announced in the coming months.

RivaBella will close March 15 in anticipation of ROKU’s construction. October 2015 Sushi Roku Hollywood will also close in anticipation of Roku’s opening.

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Roku Los Angeles

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