Restaurant Marin – Costa Mesa – March 2019 – 3 yrs – Anniversary


Named after Managing Partner Marin Howarth von Blöm, Orange County Restaurant Marin serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert from 9 a.m. to midnight daily. Chef Noah Blöm brings a modern day diner to life, complete with classic desserts, pies, and crumbles. Fresh, quick, fun and convenient for the guest. Cocktails are made fresh and bottled daily, with a rotating menu of homemade sodas and fresh craft juice blends that change with the seasons. Tailored wine and beer selections complement the fresh menu at Marin. Décor in this fresh modern-deco space features gilded-era ideals with nickel, indigo, turquoise, and white with black accents. Guests can enjoy fine dining quality in this 1,000-square-foot, fast-casual setting with marble tables and dark blue leather booths.

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Located at South Coast Collection, Costa Mesa | Coming Winter 2015

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