Ordinarie (The) – Long Beach – Oct 2019 – 1 Year – Anniversary


Downtown Long Beach has a new American tavern

The owners of Auld Dubliner (an authentic Irish pub) in Long Beach, has another concept The Ordinarie, now open. Opened October of 2018, the term “ordinarie” is coined for being the required in-town establishment during the United State’s early history. The location called the ordinarie was important, for it was a place that out-of-town visitors could be refreshed with a drink and a bite to eat.

The idea of this authentic American tavern features upscale and easy to eat foods that will pair well with the beverage selections. The location is known as a historic music venue in Downtown Long Beach, previously called Blue Cafe, at 210 N. Promenade. Thanks to the old timey brick walls and artwork, the team from Auld Dubliner plans to keep these stylistic choices, while also adding big windows to create more natural lighting. The main focus of the new place is American hospitality, forming a great emphasis on the early traditions of the country.

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