Mint Leaf Indian Cuisine – Pasadena – March 2019 – 4 yrs – Anniversary

2535 East Washington Dr
Pasadena, California

This concept offering a fresh and elevated take on traditional Indian fare opened March 2015.

Mint Leaf is intended as an experience for all diners – from ardent Indian food-lovers to first-time explorers. The lunch and dinner menus offer an array of rich traditional favorites like Lamb Saag and Chicken Korma and a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian options including Dal Makhni and Tofu Vindalooalongside fresh and lighter takes on classic Indian recipes such as the Classic Paneer Tikka Wrap. The menu is kept current and offerings will rotate based on the optimal seasonal ingredients available.

“Indian cuisine is built around magnificent spices, which lend themselves beautifully to dishes that are simple and light yet still flavorful,” said Executive Chef Jayanta K. Paul. “We want Mint Leaf to be a place where guests can enjoy a quick, healthy and vibrant lunch or dig in for a more classic, indulgent dinner of full-bodied sauces, meats, vegetables and more.”

Chef Paul lends over 30 years of five-star culinary experience to Mint Leaf, specializing in Indian cuisine with a fresh flair. Paul worked and trained under acclaimed chefs in all regions of India for over two decades, learning Secret Recipes of the Kings. Keeping in line with the restaurant’s commitment to clean eating and simple ingredients, Chef Paul created dishes that highlight traditional Indian spices such as Cinnamon, Cumin, Turmeric, Cardamom, many of which tout health benefits such as heart support, weight management, arthritis relief and more.

posted 3/24/15 by Andrea Gonzalez

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