Market 2 Plate – Mission Viejo – November 2018 – 2 Yr – Anniversary


Opened November 2016 – Market 2 Plate – Union Marketplace Mission Viejo

Market 2 Plate is an eatery that combines the freshness of locally sourced produce and the tradition of hand-shaped pasta to create unique dishes made right in front of you. We realize the importance of the ingredients used in the foods that we eat and we wanted to make sure we put the best quality ingredients into our dishes.

By choosing to make our pastas handmade, we are able to showcase our craft and our love of pasta. We love the savory combinations that we create and are always reinventing how fresh and healthy dishes can be served quickly. We vow to give our guests the freshest and best quality dishes every time they eat at Market2Plate.

Feeling better about what you eat, the taste and freshness of ingredients: that is Market2Plate.

Posted May 2016

updated Oct 2016

updated Nov 2016

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