Lit Café – Anaheim – April 2020 – 1 Yr – Anniversary


Opening in Spring 2019 in Anaheim, LIT Cafe represents a thoroughly modern mashup of culinary talents and influences. Owned and run by the husband and wife chef team of David Fujimura and Erica Tiangnaka — who’ve made their marks working alongside some of the biggest names in food (think Charlie Palmer and Seakyeoung Kim, Florent and Amelia Marneau and Stephane Treand) — LIT Cafe promises to live up to its name, offering exciting, top-notch fare at reasonable prices. (Now that’s LIT!)

The Vibe

Walk into LIT Cafe, occupying a spacious corner of an otherwise unassuming new shopping center in Anaheim, and you’re instantly welcomed into a stylish yet casual and comfortable environment where you can relax and enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch or brunch with family, friends or co-workers, or pick up some tasty food to go. Located at the crossroads of Orange County where the 55 and 91 Freeways meet, LIT Cafe redefines approachable cuisine — it’s not only easy to get to, but also offers both favorite and fusion dishes with something for everyone to love…and to discover…at down-to-earth prices. Browse the bakery case with creations by renowned pastry chef Erica Tiangnaka, including French staples interpreted with her visionary twist. Or, make yourself at home and order up some of LIT Cafe’s signature dishes influenced by the chefs’ culinary training and cultures — spanning French, Mexican, Indonesian and Japanese cuisine.

The Menu – Breakfast + Lunch

We’ve tipped our hands, a bit, about the flavors you’ll find at LIT Cafe, thanks to the unique vision of two Le Cordon Bleu Pasadena-trained chefs (btw, they were also trained by their moms, both accomplished cooks in their own rights). Now, it’s time to take a deeper dive into the menu. At breakfast, expect some not-so-typical toasts, including gratine and brick toast versions, combos ranging from eggs and (applewood-smoked) bacon or (Kurobuta pork) sausage, omelettes and the best baked goods in town. For lunch, rad takes on salads — including the Kinda – Like – Uh – Caesar with citrus-buttermilk dressing — and sandwiches (the Philly Cheese “Tori” with sliced confit chicken breast, smoked mozzarella, caramelized onion, sautéed mushrooms, and chipotle aioli on a hoagie bun). And, of course, burgers — theirs done with teriyaki-dipped beef — or go Extraordinary with a LIT Loco or Moderne Shorty Poutine, with most everything priced below $11.

The Brunch

Is there any meal more LIT than brunch, nowadays? It’s the thing that Saturdays and Sundays are planned around, and LIT Cafe’s brunch menu is definitely wake-up-and-get-out worthy. Yes, you’ll have mimosas and bloody marys, and they’ll taste even better when paired with one of LIT’s Insta-worthy plates. For your consideration…Savory Oatmeal (with pork floss, egg and onion), Tempura French Toast (add caviar), Souffle Pancakes (straight outta Japan), and the Breakfast Board (ever had a charcuterie presentation for brekkie?).

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