Holy Cow BBQ – Santa Monica – September 2019 – 5 yrs – Anniversary

Holy Cow BBQ - Santa Monica
Holy Cow BBQ – Santa Monica

Welcome to the new Holy Cow BBQ restaurant where you’ll enjoy our authentic barbecue slow smoked goodness.
BBQ is the quintessential American fare and everyone has a favorite style, flavor, cooking method, sauce.At HOLY COW we’ve been on a mission to find the Best of the U.S. and bring it to Los Angeles’¦.in a relaxed, welcoming no attitude’ restaurant ideal for friends and family to dig in, get messy, be loud and enjoy the king of comfort foods. Holy Cow was created by Rob Serritella and the team behind the popular Messhall Kitchen in Los Feliz. Executive Chef at Holy Cow is Michael Rosen, former chef at Zeke’s Barbeque.THE FOOD
BBQ is all about the basics: Comfort food in a comfortable setting featuring the finest cuts of meat, poultry and fish’¦.rubbed, smoked and cooked to perfection. Holy Cow BBQsource the finest ingredients seeking out local, organic, sustainable and natural foods.And we’ll be smoking with pure hickory.They’ll be sauces a plenty smoky, spicy, sweet, Tomato or Mustard base.

With a menu sure to make you smilefrom House Brisket (Texas), Tri-Tip (Santa Maria), Pulled pork (Carolina) and Baby Backs (Memphis, Kansas City) to specialties like the Prairie Dog (Louisiana Hot Link),and El Jefe (LA’s own).

Rob Serritella – Founder and BBQ Aficionado

Rob was the guy who put a bottle of sauce on every table at Wood Ranch and helped build the chain in stature and size.Rob launched Messhall Kitchen in Los Feliz in 2011 in the landmark space once occupied by Cecil B. DeMille’s Willard’s Chicken Inn and later The Brown Derby.Messhall offers a relaxed social/communal dining atmosphere one of the first Gastro-taverns serving American favorites and a bar program with outrageous cocktails made from small batch new American spirits.Rob spent the last 20 years on a culinary mission – traveling and sampling BBQ in across the U.S.Kansas City, Birmingham, Memphis, Dallas name a city, name a BBQ joint, name a chef he’s been there.He’s tried dry rubs, wet rubs and all the variations in between; observed smoking techniques, roasting methods, slicing secrets and just about every sauce ingredient you can imagine.Rob’s most recent BBQ excursion took him to a weekend cooking class in theGeorgiahome of the Pittmaster himself Myron Mixon.

Holy Cow is the culmination of his research and travels.Holy Cow’s menu features the Best of theU.S.Slow Smoked Goodness.

Michael Rosen – Executive Chef
Michael needs no introduction to the LA restaurant scene. As executive chef at Zeke’s Smokehouse Barbecue, he brought “authentic American” BBQ excellence to the city and notoriety on a national scale when Gayot.com named Zeke’s one of the 10 best BBQ restaurants in the country. Michael is an official BBQ competition judge and is certified by the Kansas City Barbeque Society, the largest competitive BBQ organization in the world.Most recently Michael was Executive Chef for Pacific Dining Car in Los Angeles and Santa Monica.

Glenn Walton – Consulting Chef
A graduate of theTexasCulinaryAcademyin Austin, Glenn began his BBQ career at Tillman’s Roadhouse working the woodfire grill and smoker.At Smoke inDallasand Lonesome Dove in Forth Worth he perfected his BBQ skills and learned the Southern art of pickling a variety of vegetables. At Danny Meyer’s North End Grill in New York City he mastered cooking techniques for charcoal-fired Josper ovens and over woodfire grills.

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