Flipped Doughnuts – Dana Point – June 2019 – 1 Year – Anniversary


Committed to crafting the freshest and the tastiest doughnuts, Flipped Doughnuts will open its doors soon! Specializing in artisan-ally crafted doughnuts, Flipped Doughnuts also serves fried chicken, gourmet coffee and tea in a trendy and relaxed coastal setting which sets itself apart from traditional doughnut establishments.

Aside from traditional doughnuts including Old Fashioned, Boston Cream and Blueberry, Flipped Doughnuts’ selection of artisan doughnuts include Maple Bacon & Cheddar, Hot Chocolate, Passion Fruit Cream, Crème Brule and etc. Flipped also serves variety savory doughnuts including Sweet Potato Cream, Summer Corn Cream, Shrimp Gumbo and Coconut Beef Curry, just to name a few, guaranteed to satisfy your palates.


What makes our doughnuts even better? Coffee of course! Flipped Doughnuts’ coffee starts from the highest quality Arabica beans roasted weekly to bring out the best flavor in our doughnuts. From our House Blend to selection of Single Blends, our locally roasted coffee is served within a week of roasting, instead of months, ensuring all the complex flavors and notes.

Stay tuned for more tasty goodness coming to Flipped!

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