Boomtown Brewery – Los Angeles – February 2020 – 5 Yr – Anniversary

Join Boomtown for their official Grand Opening


Boomtown Brewery opened their first tap room in DTLA in February 2015!

Boomtown Brewery’s brand new tasting room is finally complete and they’re ready to welcome fans both old and new to help properly break the place in. Enjoy a full line up of Boomtown beer alongside food trucks, a sweet DJ lineup, games to play with your friends, and much, much more.

Boomtown Brewery Los AngelesFor more information, visit & follow them on Facebook to keep updated on event details.

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:a town that experiences a sudden growth in business and population : a booming town

In the mid 1800’s, Boomtowns in California were the number one reason people moved west in the United States.  Lured by potential riches and excitement, tens of thousands moved to California to various overnight success-story towns, with one purpose in mind…to make it, and make it big.   Some of those towns ceased to exist after very short periods; others remained until the “well” ran dry.

Los Angeles, in particular, maintains the same allure for thousands of people that move here every year to pursue their dreams in a myriad of industries, giving it a constant injection of people with aspirations to make their mark.   The arts industry in Los Angeles remains one of the most influential in the world, thus creating an undying boom that has made this city, and its inhabitants, the mecca of creativity it is today.

It is with that in mind that we embarked on a journey to bring artisan beer to those artists, and to embrace both their creativity and community.  Boomtown Brewery will not only craft old world, unfiltered, gravity fed, full flavored beers with integrity; it will be a showcase for local artists through events, galleries, and by simply being a creative local establishment.   We want everything about Boomtown to be a haven and an expression of what our home, the Arts District in Los Angeles, is all about.

Boomtown will have every label designed by local artists, as well as furnishings, fixtures, and structures.  Boomtown will be a community where people can gather to enjoy beer, games, to express themselves creatively, and to hang with like-minded people.  We will host a variety of events ranging from live music shows to gallery showings, benefits, block parties, bicycle rides, etc.  All in the name of contributing to the creative community that is “The Los Angeles Arts District.”

“Boomtown is crafting ales for people who like full flavored beer and want to know what it was like BEFORE prohibition.

— John Smith,

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