Bombo – Los Angeles – March 2019 – 4 yrs – Anniversary




Today my new concept, Bombo, opened in downtown Los Angeles’ historic Grand Central Market. The name “Bombo” is inspired by the steel-jacketed steam kettles I’m using to prepare the dishes, which are mostly broth-based and focused on seafood entrees. Set in a stainless steel counter, six steam kettles are front and center in the open kitchen, moving the preparation and cooking out from behind the scenes.

We will be preparing healthy items like Seared Yellowtail and Steamed Mussels quickly at an affordable price. There are meat and vegetable based items too, like Fried Chicken and Pork Pot Stickers. I’ll also be curating a daily selection of fresh seafood and take-home items available to grab and go. Beer and wine are coming soon.

I’m especially pleased to contribute to the renaissance downtown by launching Bombo at Grand Central Market. This venue allows me to eliminate the trappings of fine dining and get right to the food, interacting with our diners.

Take a look at LA Times and LA Magazine have said about Bombo:
Mark Peel’s Bombo opens Thursday at Grand Central Market
Operation Bombo Drop – Los Angeles Magazine

Grand Central Market
317 South Broadway, LA, CA 90013
Hours: 11am – 6pm

Bombo is a casual, broth-based seafood concept steeped in bold flavor and fresh, seasonal ingredients. Created by Chef Mark Peel, one of the fathers of California cuisine, Bombo also features a modern day fish market curated by Chef Peel.

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