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Entrepreneurs are looking for funding from sources unconventional until just a few years ago. "Crowd Sourcing" or "Crowd Funding" options and opportunities continue to grow with new sites to post your needs and more business opportunities on each of them.

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PlumpJack / Cade / Odette Wine Dinner

Wine Dinner WINE DINNER NOV. 7: Lido Bottle Works is teaming up with PlumpJack Winery and their Cade and Odette wines to present a 5-COURSE...

A Taste of France

Christmas At The Farm

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Halloween At The Farm


7 Days of Mole!

The Seasonal Jewish Kitchen

The Seasonal Jewish Kitchen

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Sake and Sushi

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Prime Rib and Lobster Dinner

Unnamed (1)

Eerie Beerey Night

Tacos Fiesta

Tacos & Fiesta