Wild Mushroom Cappuccino

Contributed by: Chef Lupe Camarena

Wild Mushroom Cappuccino

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8 oz Portbello mushrooms8 oz Cremini mushrooms8 oz Shitake mushrooms8 oz Oyster mushrooms8 oz Chanterelle mushrooms1 oz Morels – dried/ground to powder1 C Port wine2 C Red wine5 oz Shallots – finely chopped2 t Thyme – fresh1 t Rosemary – fresh1 t Black Pepper4 oz Sweet Butter3 Qt Stock – chicken or vegetable1 C Heavy Cream2 oz Olive oilSea SaltSteamed Milk


  1. Clean mushrooms by removing stems, rinsing caps in cold water and toweling dry.
  2. Dice mushroom caps and stems 1/2 inch in size and separate in two equal portions.
  3. In a 6 quart sauce pot, melt 2 oz of butter, add 4 oz of shallots and brown over medium.
  4. Add half of the diced mushrooms.
  5. Pour the port and red wine immediately, add the thyme,rosemary and black pepper.
  6. Let reduce over medium heat until dry.
  7. Add stock and reduce by 1 quart.
  8. Puree the stock finely and strain though a medium size mesh, making sure that the mushrooms paste is pushed through the sieve.
  9. Return stock to the sauce pot, simmer for 15 minutes and skim the surface of broth.
  10. Season to taste with salt.
  11. In a large saute pan, combine 2 oz of butter with 1 oz finely diced shallots and 2 oz olive oil.
  12. Saute second half of the mushrooms for 2 minutes on high heat.
  13. Season to taste by adding the mushroom broth.
  14. Serve in a coffee or cappuccino cup (8-9 oz. capacity).
  15. Fill each cup 1/2 inch from the rim and top with steamed milk.
  16. Sprinkle the morel powder and a touch of paprika and serve with a Parmesan twist.

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