Lamb Belly Steam Bun


Lamb Belly Steam Bun

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1 lb Lamb belly – braised, medium dice4 Steam Buns1 C Gochujang Sauce (recipe below)2 T Tamarind yogurt1/4 Cucumber – Sliced Fine2 T ScallionGochujang Sauce3 kg. Gochujang paste2 C Garlic – minced1 C Sprite1 C Honey3/4 C Apple cider vinegar1 C White Sesame Seeds – toastedTamarind Yogurt8 oz Tamarind paste1 C Greek yogurt1 C Plain yogurt1 1/2 C ButtermilkJuice from 1 lime1 T Fines herbs


  1. Whisk & Boil all sauce ingredients together.
  2. Steam the buns until tender.
  3. Heat 1 T. vegetable oil in a large saute pan over high heat. Add the lamb belly and cook until crisped on the outside. Deglaze with gochujang sauce. Fold open the steam bun and fill with 2 T. glazed lamb belly. Top with remaining garnishes.
  4. *Charlie Palmer Wine Director Danny Prosser recommends Black Slate, Garnacha Blend, Priorat, Spain, 2009 to drink with the lamb belly.

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