Angry Sauce


Chef Zach Geerson hits your taste buds with an Angry Sauce (paprika sauce) recipe that pairs well with seafood. Try it as a whole recipe: Grilled Spanish Octopus with Angry Sauce

Angry Sauce

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Paprika sauce


ANGRY SAUCE(SMOKED PAPRIKA VINAIGRETTE)3 1/2 T Smoked Paprika1 1/2 t Sage1 t Oregano1 t Rosemary1/2 t Red Chili flakes1 1/4 C Distilled white vinegar3/4 C Canola Oil1/4 C Extra-Virgin olive oil2 1/2 t Kosher salt3 – 4 T Water


  1. Add Paprika, vinegar, chili, herbs, salt, and water to the cup of a blender and blend on medium-high speed to finely chop all of the herbs.
  2. Reduce the blender speed to medium low.
  3. Combine the two oils and then slowly drizzle them into the blender.
  4. Once the sauce comes together, use it immediately or transfer it to a plastic container and store in the refrigerator.

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