Taste of Italy – Italy


    Tasteof.it is offering holidaymakers the opportunity to explore Italy in a
    unique way, through a newly launched programme of Cultural and Culinary
    Courses. Our diverse seven-day courses, based in Rome, Sicily and Alto Adige, offer
    visitors a fresh insight into the Italian way of life. In-between lessons on
    both traditional and more innovative Italian cooking methods, participants can
    sample local specialities during our guided visits to markets, vineyards, olive
    oil mills and even buffalo farms.

    Food isn’t all Italy has to offer and our courses also include opportunities
    to go exploring with local historians and art experts. Participants can take a
    guided walk through Rome’s most important historical sites, spend a magical
    day on a fishing boat in Sicily, or play golf whilst admiring spectacular views
    over the Dolomite mountains in Alto Adige.

    All of our courses include accommodation in sensationally-located houses,
    villas, apartments and hotels.

    For more details visit www.tasteof.it or see a full list of our courses and
    rates at http://www.tasteof.it/immagini/Programs.pdf. We also have a blog with
    lots more information and photos at http://tasteofit.blogspot.com

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