Exclusive offerings at Tamarind


    tamarind logoExclusive OfferingsMonday 10th September 2012

    Mango Salad

    with purple and rainbow carrots, toasted walnuts and coconut in a honey-pepper dressing

    Soft-shell crab/Chettinaad Crab

    in a corn starch with rice flour batter, crusted with coconut, fennel and coriander seeds

    Lamb Chop/Peshawari champen

    Tandoor grilled chop marinated and raw papaya, ground chili, garlic, fennel and cream

    Sea Bass/Tali Macchi

    Pan-fried fillet of sea bass with fine beans and raw mango on a sauce of tomato with mustard, curry leaves and coconut

    Butter Chicken

    Jidori thigh tikka in pureed fresh tomatoes flavored with ginger, honey and fenugreek leaves

    Beef Vindaloo

    Braised beef with browned onions, garlic, red chili, tomato paste and red wine vinegar

    Smoked Eggplant/Baingan Bartha

    with garlic, red chili, turmeric, cumin and cilantro

    Yellow Lentils/Masala Dal

    with cumin, ginger, turmeric, tomatoes and cilantro; finished with fresh lime juice

    Steamed Basmati Rice

    Plain Naan/Garlic Naan

    Cucumber and mint Raita

    Carrot Halwa

    Slow-cooked carrot fudge with milk solids, melon seed and cardamom

    Pistachio Kulfi

    Indian eggless ice cream with ground pistachio and rose water

    Executive Chef: Alfred Prasad

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