Italian Cooking School by Cesare Casella – Sicily


    Cesare Casella wants to share his immense love and expertise for the region of Sicily. His friends range from Sicilian chefs and butchers, restaurateurs and chocolatiers, farmers and fishermen – the extreme exclusivity that Cesare offers through a tour of Sicily is all-encompassing, intimate, and well-researched.

    Starting September 4 you’ll smell like chocolate for a day after visiting the Bonajuto factory. You’ll venture through ancient ripening …cheese caves, learn how to butcher the traditional Nebrodi pig from a Michelin starred chef, dine and receive lessons at the most exclusive restaurants in the South of Italy, and receive a master class on the volcanic rich Sicilian wines. Through each experience Cesare will guide you through the tradition behind the craft, and introduce guests to locals who will invite them in, talk for hours, and only let you leave until you’ve eaten two helpings of everything and have finished every bottle of wine on their shelves.

    There’s no better way to do Sicily.

    Guests will be taken on an intimate, eight day cooking tour of Cesare’s Sicily that includes traditional, Sicilian culinary techniques, innovative use of the region’s seasonal ingredients, private tours within local establishments, and tastings inside central production hubs. Most importantly, guests will understand a city’s people and their culinary traditions.

    For more information find the event on facebook Italian Cooking School by Cesare Casella – Sicily.

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