Foodservice Technology Conference & Showcase – Long Beach Convention Center


    FSTEC will provide you with technological inspiration in the areas including:

    -Cloud Computing Market Trends & Directions
    -Consumer Facing Technology
    -CRM Best Practices/Case Studies
    -Data Security in a Web 2.0 World
    -Digital Signage
    -Food Production Management Systems
    -How Smart Phone Companies are Trying to Win Business Users
    -HRIS Systems & Employee Access & Reporting Systems
    -Kiosk, Customer Order Boards & Self Service
    -New Printer Technologies
    -Online & Mobile Ordering
    -Optimizing Your IT Organizational Design Based on Fiscal Realities
    -PCI Best Practices & Market Trends
    -POS – When Add-on Software Trumps New Hardware
    -Sales Forecasting & Scheduling Tools & Trends
    -Social Media & Foodservice: The 4-1-1
    -Technology Solutions to Meet Local, State & Government Regulations
    -The Future of Business-IT Alignment
    -Unique Foodservice Technology Deployments & What They Yield
    -Video & Audio Surveillance Technologies
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