Amy’s Culnary Adventures The Bacon Affair


    Amy’s Culinary Adventures The Bacon Affair Menu: prepared by Chef Amy, Cecilia De Castro & Tad Weyland.

    Attended by: Teri Williams
    Best Bite: Chowder

    Bacon Mary: bcon infused vodka bloody mary with bacon salt rim

    Amuse Bouche:
    Applewood smoked bacon crostini with carmelized apple and goat cheese balsamic drizzle. Served with a Shiraz.

    Inside out potatoe skins: bacon cup with crispy potatoes gruyere, fried onions, sour cream and chives.

    Carmelized bacon.

    Cobb salad with bacon and blue cheese mousse napoleaon with baby spinich, avacado and heirloom tomoato & bacon dressing.

    Chowder bacon soup with potatoes onion and bacon cream.

    Spaghetti Carbonara with bowtie pasta, carmelized onions, peas, crimini mushrooms and bacon crumbles. Served with a Shiraz.

    Bacon and eggs: candied bacon chips, ice cream with chocolate covered bacon sprinkles and plush puffs marshmellow pecan bacon marshmellows

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