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Revolutionary Pizza


Upon reading Revolutionary Pizza’s bold tagline, “Bold pies that will change your life…and dinner”, one might ascribe a bit of arrogance to its writer, Dimitri Syrkin-Nikolau, founder of acclaimed pizzeria Dimo’s Pizza. But open this cookbook (I double-dare you!), and you will rethink your assumptions. With excellent recipes and pictures, capturing the quintessence of what made Dimo’s Pizza a Chicago cult favorite, taking a bite out of these pizzas will subtly-admonish you, leaving you wondering why you didn’t get this book sooner. With creatively-concocted designs—such as Chicken n’ Waffles pizza, Chorizo Seitan Taco pizza, BBQ Porkabella pizza, and Celia’s Sweet Peach Cobbler pizza—lives will be changed, as, let’s face it, such inventiveness and originality will make you rethink the very definition of pizza!

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