Taco Brat – Costa Mesa – June 2017 – Opening Soon


WELCOME TO TACO BRAT: opening soon in Costa Mesa, Spring 2017.

Tacos and sausages don’t normally play together but, at Taco Brat, they are brought together by a healthy beer selection including honorable mentions from both Mexico and Germany, as well as many local #CraftBeer favorites. Alongside the beers are exceptional, affordable, boutique wines chosen to pair with Taco Brat’s menu…and you won’t believe what delicious dishes they’ve created with CORN.

Taco Brat Chef Thomas Curran
Taco Brat – Chef Thomas Curran

#TacoBrat. A new, original concept from Chef Thomas Curran. All that fun stuff under one roof … and in a garden.

For more information, visit tacobrat.com




Taco Brat Taqueria Y Brathaus
Taco Brat – Bratwursts and tacos

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Updated 01.11.17