Saint Marc – Irvine – Fall 2017 – Opening Soon

Irvine Gets a Progressive Concept Restaurant: Saint Marc


Saint Marc is rumored to be opening a second location and it’s going to be a Bacon Bar, in Irvine late fall 2017

About Saint Marc Pub-Cafe, Bakery & Cheese Affinage

Saint Marc is a remarkable and noticeably new restaurant concept that offers exceptional, nostalgic Americana cuisine in ambient SoCal comfort. A family and pet friendly environment intentionally designed to defy definition, Saint Marc bends traditions and blurs the lines between kitchen, staff and customer, with open spaces revealing every aspect of a restaurant’s heart and soul. Ambassadors serving as personal culinary consultants offer expert advice on Saint Marc’s unique selection of distinctive food and hydration available tableside or self-selected from free-standing stations that offer everything from chicory coffee and beignets to bacon anyway you want it.

Imagined and brought to life by four of the world’s most gifted chefs, sommeliers, mixologists and hospitality industry mavericks, all dressed to match in chef’s coats, Saint Marc throws away the traditional restaurant playbook to offer a one-of-a-kind, 360° morning to midnight experience without the expense, exclusivity or pretention one might expect from culinary talents this esteemed—and for quality food and drink this good. iPads of information offering images and on-demand ordering of what you want when you want it, free-flow bread from the bakery, over 100 cheese selections from boards to fondue, craft beers in a can, 32 wines on draught, with mixology served in Red Solo Cups and dishes served on faux paper plates—just some of the enticing features and unique characteristics that set Saint Marc on a less-traveled path.

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updated 3/31/17