Oyster Bar (The) – Anaheim – Fall 2016


THE OYSTER BAR – Opening Soon

Linh Nguyen’s passion for creating unique and fun dining concepts has led to the creation of The Oyster Bar, which will be featured alongside Ritter’s at ARTIC. The Oyster Bar is a continuation of the concept of “Live Action Seafood Cooking”. Guests can interact with oyster shuckers, learn about the oysters they are serving, and be entertained by their knowledge and oyster working skills.

The Oyster Bar’s mission is to offer the freshest harvests worldwide and to maintain a knowledgeable, courteous staff. We visit oyster farms along the coast to stay educated on the product and to build a great working relationship with the farmers. The Oyster Bar aims to bring “the farm to the table” by supporting the farmers that are vital to their community’s economic stability.

The Oyster Bar will offer a full service bar and an enormous craft brew selection, highlighting local breweries. The uniquely designed showcase bar will offer 20-30 different draught beers. For adventure seekers looking to try something new, The Oyster Bar will feature several absinthe-based cocktails. Don’t worry about the rumors regarding absinthe, you will not cut off your ear.