Catmosphere Laguna – Laguna Beach – Summer 2018 – Opening Soon


Laguna Beach has long been known and loved for its artistic community and embrace of nature, in all its forms. Catmosphere Laguna is a Café with a twist. The adjacent Lounge is a comfortable and quiet place for cuddling, playing, and getting to know adoptable cats and kittens from local shelters.

This environment transitions these homeless cats and kittens to a safe environment before they enter their forever human homes. These felines are certified healthy and arrive with big personalities! 100% of the proceeds from adoptions go directly to the care, treatment, and welfare of othe cats and kittens. Local Laguna Beach veterinarians can provide for medical care and spaying/neutering. Loving and safe forever homes and happy, healthy cats and kittens is Catmosphere Laguna’s Mission.

The menu includes toasts, sides, and salads, in addition to fresh juices, teas, beer & wine, and coffee.

Visits to Catmosphere Laguna are $12 for children from ages 5 to 17 and $22 for adults 18 and over.Our visiting seniors (age 65+) will enjoy a complimentary coffee or tea along with their visit. Visits are booked as one hour with a maximum of 2 hours. Events must be pre- booked online. The minimum age for visiting is 5 years old. A parent or guardian must sign a minor waiver for anyone visiting Catmosphere Laguna who is between the ages of 5 to 17.

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Posted 3/6/18

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